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 Jesse Sternberg
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Private dog training in Toronto or Virtual Coaching
txt him @ 1.416.567.2105
How I Serve
Jesse is a balanced, mindfulness-based dog trainer in Toronto.  

He gives keynotes, workshops, and seminars weaving together lessons from the dogs for the leaders of today.  

Connect with him directly @ 1.416.567.2105
Why all dogs pull on the leash!
3 tips that actually stop pulling  

Heal Your Dog's Neuroses
My flagship course that will deepen your relationship or your money back (no questions asked).
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Your Dog is Your Guru
It’s time reframe traditional training methods so that they include the communication signals your dog is never-not-giving you.

When you learn these signals and understand what they mean, you’ll quickly realize that your dog isn't something that is broken (and needs to be fixed).

The key to a loving and soul-satisfying relationship with your dog doesn’t start with your pet — it starts with YOU.

By learning how to communicate with your dog in a way that earns their love and respect, you’ll  end up transforming and enriching one another.
Learn How to Whisper
Master the 5 Secrets Dog Whisperers Do but Can't Explain
Become the Peaceful Alpha Your dog Needs and Respects, find your inner peace, and have that awesome dog you've always desired.   Master the hypnotic flow training ritual and get 3 custom flows from Jesse. 

Comes with 3 Personal Coaching Sessions with me
Why is walking your dog with a loose leash always the hardest thing to train? 
It's all about present moment communication. Your dog has been listening to your body language and your emotions this entire time.
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Enlightened Dog Training Workshop
once a month zoom chat with Jesse
Next Workshop - Wed April 21 @ 7PM EST ($25 fee) - Schedule Below

10 Mins - Exploring key issues the group is facing
40 Mins - Enlightened Discussion on calming signals, non-verbal communication techniques, customized hypnotic flow homework to transmute your dog's temperament into zen mode (based on group's problems).
10 Mins - Q/A
Free Gift -  New members receive The Dog Language Dictionary
Free Consult (Valued @ $150 / hr)
Let's See if I can help you today 
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