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"It's Like Jack Kornfield Met Cesar Milan on top of Peaceful Mountain"
I'm Jesse Sternberg
 trainer | author | mindfulness 2.0  

Become a powerful body language communicator
Speak so you are listened to
Every action is Love
Enlightened Dog Training
Become the Peaceful Alpha your dog needs and respects

Do you want to be your own dog's whisperer?

Consider this.  Your body language is never-not-communicating.

From an animal's frame of reference (the eternal present moment), every position you make creates a feeling inside them. 

Most of the time, we accidentally add to their anxiety, stress, frustration, or neuroses.

I offer you mindful solutions to age-old problems by teaching you how to address your dog's feelings.

Let's explore some hypnotic training exercises and cool meditative practices to do with your pet that sooth both of your souls.
Why all dogs pull on the leash!
3 tips that actually stop pulling  

How to Whisper
My flagship course that will give you an awesome dog or your money back (no questions asked).
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Secret Language of Dogs
There is a secret language that dogs use, and you can learn it to understand and communicate with your pet, help resolve common behavioral issues, and transform your dog into a calm, intuitively-obedient companion that you can share your life with.

Sharing his complete approach to raising and relating to your pet in an enlightened way, Jesse Sternberg reveals the principles of the "Secret Language of the Animal Kingdom" and offers common-sense yet unique solutions to everyday canine behavioral problems.

Using case studies that resonate with every dog owner and pet lover (the book), or simple video lessons and homework assignments (the e-course), Jesse shows how dogs want to behave stoically and obediently for their masters... especially when you learn communicate to non-verbally using postures, angles, and subtle gestures of body-language.
Combining Animal Psychology And Mindfulness Teachings
The most common dog behavioral issues arise when your dog experiences intense feelings.  

These can be triggered from the environment, ourselves (accidentally of course), or prior conditioning.  

When you don't respond to your dog's feelings the right way, they act out their emotions by jumping, whining, lunging, barking, etc.

It's their feelings that need the attention.  Not their behavior.

Combining mindfulness teachings with advanced animal psychology, I'll show you some really simple training exercises and powerful meditative practices that you can do with your pet (as well as on your own) that will get you the results you've been waiting for!
Your Dog is Your Guru
It’s time to let go of traditional training methods for your pet.
(If they worked, they’d still be working for you right now!)

What your dog really needs is to have an owner who understands the signals it’s sending out ALL THE TIME.

When you learn these signals and understand what they mean, you’ll quickly realize that your dog isn't something that is broken (and needs to be fixed).

Your dog simply needed YOUR HELP to reclaim and maintain its relaxed, obedient nature!

The key to a loving and soul-satisfying relationship with your dog doesn’t start with your pet — it starts with YOU.

By learning how to communicate with your dog in a way that commands their love and respect, you’ll  end up transforming and enriching one another.
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Find out how to "Become the Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs and Respects"
A complete guide to raising and relating to your pet in a mindful way that leads to calm, intuitively-obedient dogs 
Why is walking your dog with a loose leash always the hardest thing to train? 
It's all about present moment communication. Your dog has been listening to your body language and your emotions this entire time.
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Become the Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs and Respects
A complete guide to raising and relating to your pet in a mindful way that leads to calm, intuitively-obedient dogs.
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