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Jesse Sternberg

enlightened dog (and people) trainer
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My Book

"In a niche unto itself, Enlightened Dog Training: Become the Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs and Respects ​is easy to read and hard to put down.  Your dog will get better.  And so will you!"

Aaron Somer - Client


Are you a Peaceful Alpha?

Your dog makes communication signals with their body.  They are documented scientifically, and can be found in my book as well as my dog dictionary (learning).

When you get these signals and understand what they mean, you’ll quickly realize that your dog isn't something that is broken (or needs to be fixed).

AND When you start using the signals yourself, your relationship with your dog goes to the next level.

Finally... they say... you're meeting me at my level.  This is less stressful for them - they hate english.  It's just loud noise to them.  

Best Friends

Learn How to Whisper

Master the 5 Secrets Dog Whisperers Do but Can't Explain

Become the Peaceful Alpha Your dog Needs and Respects, find your inner peace, and have that awesome dog you've always desired.   

Master the hypnotic flow training ritual and get 3 custom flows from Jesse. 

Mindful Walking And Loose Leash Mastery

Why is walking your dog with a loose leash always the hardest thing to train? 

It's all about present moment communication. Your dog has been listening to your body language and your emotions this entire time.


I Make Reactive Dogs Awesome

Live training session 

Raising Bubba

My personal Dogo Argentino puppy is like the Lebron James of Pit Bulls 


Live, emotional and awesome transformation

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