Why is walking your dog
with a loose leash always the hardest thing to train?  

Me and your dog have one thing in common.  We both want you to become the master your dog always knew you could be.

These training secrets aren't Rocket Science

It's all about present moment communication.  
Your dog has been listening to your body language and your emotions this entire time.

Hi, I'm Jesse Sternberg, founder of Peaceful Alpha and author of Enlightened Dog Training:  Becoming the Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs and Loves.

It's natural for us to want to act the strong sensations we feel out of our body the second we experience them. Your dog is the same. Think fear, anxiety and excitement. Now think lunging, jumping, whining, barking etc.  

May this FREE video lesson bring you much inspiration and satisfaction on your future dog walks.

There totally is a Secret Language of Dogs -
and You can use it to communicate with your pet.

In This Free Training, You Will Discover The 3 Secrets That I've used Over 30 years 

Secret #1

How to use angles, body posture and simple leash handling techniques so that any dog understands exactly what is being communicated to them.

Secret #2

How to use calming signals so you can stop your dog from lunging, jumping, whining and being aggressive; effective immediately!

Secret #3

Cultivating an incredibly deep connection with your pet using animal psychology, unique meditations, and the language of love.


About The Trainer

Jesse Sternberg is a mindfulness teacher, meditation instructor, and master dog trainer.

He has been working with animals for over 30 years. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

His recent novel - "The Peaceful Alpha: A Complete Enlightened Guide to Dog Training" , is available for sale online.