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Healing Yours and Your Dogs the Peaceful Alpha Way

Your Dog is Your Reflection

Reactive Behaviors Stem From Our Deepest Emotional Wounds.


A one of a kind masterclass with practical steps designed to heal your dog’s reactivity, claim your Peaceful Alpha power, command your dog into calmness, while bringing you inner peace and generating joy.


In this groundbreaking masterclass full of proprietary wisdom we will:


  • Journey and Discover Higher Dimensions of Consciousness - the kind our dog’s feel, knows and feels all the time.

  • Explore the common unconscious patterns we make that positively reinforce our dogs to be needy, whiny, territorial, scared and anxious.

  • Gently begin untying the knot of reactivity in both yourself and your dog with your personalized mind-body routine developed with Jesse in one of your private sessions.

  • Grow and shift at a quantum rate, become an incredible communicator, achieve your dog’s behavioral goals and have more room to love life (together with your awesome dog)!


The Journey Begins May 29, 2024

Four Awesome Testimonials from Virtual Clients


We serendipitously found Jesse’s online training and coaching program soon after we realized the need for an evolved training approach for our two rescue pointers, aged 3 and 12 yrs. We’ve been working, virtually, with Jesse, for about a month. Each session starts with our wins and then we work through our misses where Jesse develops customized lessons for our homework. The results have been phenomenal, reinforcing our decision to sign up for an additional round of coaching. If you’re looking for better way to connect and communicate with your pup(s), effectively deal with their embarrassing behaviors, and become the Peaceful Alpha your dog needs, congratulations, you’ve found it!

Judi Boysen

Are you ready to dive courageously into your self growth and train your dog in an enlightened way?

A note from Jesse

On right - Join me on an awesome adventure to help bring healing to dogs all around the world (and their awesome owners too). The core teachings that are in this course have been developed by me and fine tuned by me for since 2007. It brings me tremendous joy to help people experience a quantum shift that brings them and their dog waves of understanding, compassion, big emotional releases and to ultimately fill up the tank with joy and gratitude.

This class will bring a HUGE shift to your relationship with your dog (and all people)... a shift towards calmness, inner peace, and feeling awesome in moments when you would have formerly felt stress. This is often the missing piece most dog owners with lower consciousness fail to recognize.


Course Curriculum

May / June 2024 (three consecutive wednesdays) All times EST. End times are approximate. All classes are recorded and shared.


Group Class 1

Mastering Self. Calming Signals and the Sequence of Surrendering. The Holy Cycle - a complete routine to clear the vessel of stress, generate vigor and enthusiasm for challenges, and set you and your dog up for a peaceful, joyous day.


Private Session 1

Scheduled directly with Jesse. Behavioral consultaiton. Private coaching and understanding begins. New daily routine begins. Equipment, feeding, training routine, all ripe for tweaking and Jesse must know and see it all through unlimited texting and video sharing.


Group Class 2

Mastering Resources and Territory. Beta’s aren’t fit to lead, which is why your dog needs a shift from you so that it can receive your calming reassurance, your powerful but peaceful commands. Mastering territory, mastering resources, mastering your calmness and your body language.


Private Session 2

Communication is in the NOW. It’s Never not happening. It encompasses emotional information such as feelings, safety, desire, excitement. Learn your blindspots about your dog, your own unconscious actions, and step into your Alpha nature.


Group Class 3

Peaceful Alpha Power. Cultivating superior habits. Excellence in consciousness and presence. How to stay in peak performance yourself, and continue challenging your dog’s unbelievable temperament.

Pricing and Program Details


$199  Early Bird Pricing ($50 Savings!) for those who register/pay deposit by 5.9.24 Retake Price: $125

What's included:

  • Weekly detailed handouts of each emotional wound and how to help animals heal them.

  • Weekly guidance for you to heal alongside of your animal(s).

  • Private FB Group to interact with the group.

  • Three group interactive classes (via Zoom) over the course of three weeks.

  • Each class opens with a meditation calling in your animal team, Power Point details of each emotional wound, along with guided healing meditations.

  • Certifications of Attendance are provided after completion of a short post-class survey.​ 

I'm interested! What's next?

  • ​Email Tammy if you have any questions or to set up a discussion about the course.

  • Fill out the application. You'll receive an email of acceptance or questions within 72 hours.

  • Pay the $100* deposit to secure your place in the class. Balance due 6.16.24

*Deposit non-refundable after 6.16.24

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