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Major Results for my Online Clients
in 10 days or Money Back (see video)


The Fee is$1000, and I guarantee we Make Your Dog Awesome in 10 days! (reactivity / Anxiety / any age)

  • Includes:

  • Blindspot Removes (you're positively reinforcing things you're unconscious about)

  • Direct, humble, kick ass customized coaching with guaranteed results (if you do the work)

  • Customized enlightened training exercises to make your dog peaceful and happy all day long.

  • One year of Unlimited WhatsApp (talking / texting with me for support), I'm there when you need me.

  • 8 video coaching consultations (valid for one year)!

  • Free Bonus - All my Enlightened Dog Training Resources (5 modules, 6 workbooks, 5 meditations FREE)

Doorbell.  Amazon package.  Absolute mayhem is breaking out!


Nicole is good with dogs.  She’s been training and rescuing them all her life.  But there’s more going on under the hood.  Dogs have feelings.  They have a language.  And they can transform just like that... at least they can in my book, and that’s why Nicole contacted me through  my website.


More than calmness and control, she wanted to know how to do what I do.  


Nicole wanted to communicate with them.  She wanted to understand their body language, to develop her own style, and to transform her pack.  


Become the peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs and Respects

Meet Nicole and her Rescue Dogs

Mindful Approach to Dog Training

The realm of feelings is where true animal communication takes place. By using specific angles, postures, timing, and sounds, dogs (and other animals) have their own vocabulary that humans have never tapped into.

Communicating with pets using this “Non-verbal Language” meant that the dogs suddenly understood exactly what I wanted them to do. Rather than spending all my time training them, I could simply talk to them in their own emotional language and know they would behave. In a single day, the Secret Language of dogs generated results for me that were hundreds of times better than the conventional methods I’d been studying.

Soon, I was connecting to my pack, effortlessly transforming over thirty “bad” dogs at a time into zenned-out, obedient pets. My clients started asking me to help them with private training, and the effects they experienced were stunning.

Doggie Stay

With a little effort and guidance, my clients saw that most of their dog’s bad behaviors originated when their pet felt too excited or scared.

As my clients mastered the techniques and homework I taught them, they found their dogs started to treat them differently, respecting their owner’s presence and listening to their authority. 
My clients were able to connect emotionally to their dogs and do all kinds of remarkable things with their pets as well. They could open the front door, and not only would their dog not attempt to escape, but it would also calmly fan away from the door and lie down. They learned how to walk their dogs with a loose leash, and some of them with even no leash. When they called their dog, it listened.


My clients began trusting their dogs more, and they also became calmer, wiser, and more compassionate in the process.

My mission is to help YOU have this same powerful relationship with your dog — and create the emotional 
connection that will transform BOTH of your lives. 

Ready to learn how?

Let's Transform Your Dog Together - $1000 USD

Results within 10 days or your money back//

8 private Video Coaching Sessions


Why suffer through one more stressful, annoying walk with your dog when you can learn how to stop “bad” behavior once and for all?

It’s time to let go of traditional training methods for your pet.
(If they worked, they’d be working for you right now!)

What your dog REALLY needs is to have an owner who understands the signals it’s sending out ALL THE TIME. When you learn these signals and understand what they mean, you’ll quickly realize that your pooch hasn’t needed to be fixed of its problem behavior — it’s simply needed YOUR HELP to reclaim and maintain its relaxed, obedient nature!

The key to a loving and soul-satisfying relationship with your dog doesn’t start with your pet — it starts with YOU.

By learning how to communicate with your dog in a way that commands their love and respect, you’ll grow an emotional connection between you that will transform and enrich you both.

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