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Giving a Hand

Why can't you have an AWESOME connection with your pet?

When you learn to communicate using the Secret Language of Dogs, even the wildest, nuttiest, and most anxious dogs find their Zen (and you find your peace).  

It's not about teaching old dogs new tricks (which you will be able to do with ease)... it's about training yourself how to behave like a Peaceful Alpha, and mastering the Secret Language of Dogs.  


It's about communication!

After helping thousands of people (and dogs)

I understand one thing!  

You love your dog, but sometimes they do things that drive you nuts, make you cringe, or even flat-out embarrass you.

You’re out for a walk and they lunge at other dogs or people…

They pull on the leash when they see a bike, a car, another pooch, or a squirrel…

They whine, bark, or become neurotic whenever someone walks by the window, knocks on the door, or comes into the house...

They’re manipulative, annoying, or maybe even aggressive around food (or random things)...

Image by Cody Board

You often shrug it off and think “Dogs will be dogs!” or “Oh, that’s just my !”

But then you notice other dogs — old ones AND young ones — who don’t do ANY of those things.

They walk calmly next to their owner, sometimes without a leash.

They’re chilled out and nonreactive when yours isn’t.
They obey commands immediately and intuit their owner’s desires (can you even imagine?!).

And they stroll past other dogs, cars, bikes, or treats without even batting an eye.

You have to admit that THOSE dogs make you feel more than a little self-conscious about your own pet’s behavior — and your ability as their owner.

You try to tell yourself those dogs are just exceptional or the owners are just lucky… but a part of you wonders if they know something you don’t.

Image by Ryan Walton
Hear This... Dog Lover: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The truth is that the vast majority of the dog training classes and advice you’ve ever
heard focuses on the WRONG stuff (your dog’s BEHAVIOR).

You’ve never been taught how to focus on the right stuff — the KEY to
TRANSFORMING your canine’s behavior — which is your mastery over the SECRET

Dogs communicate to their owners ALL THE TIME using subtle actions and feelings,
but so few dog owners have a clue it is happening — let alone having the knowledge that they can use it to respond to their dog!

So, the REAL REASON your pup sometimes
acts like a crazy lunatic ISN’T because your dog is bad or aggressive

(or that you’re a terrible owner)

It’s because you’ve never been taught how to coach your pet to be good when it’s being bad!

Here’s the thing: despite the whining and lunging and growling and chewing — or whatever annoying habit is your dog’s behavior-of-choice — your pet’s innate nature is calm and obedient.


YES — seriously!

Image by Oscar Sutton

Your dog wants to be a good, relaxed dog all of the time.

And they’re communicating with you non-stop about how to help them do that.

But you’ve never been taught how to understand what they’re saying, or how to respond to them in a language they can understand!

Did you know...YOU are also always communicating with your dog (consciously or unconsciously), too — but not through your words. Dogs DON’T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH.


Instead, they’re reading your tone, actions, angles, emotion, presence, and posture (among other things).

So while it’s easy to think that our DOG has a behavior problem...

The REAL problem is that our communication with our pooch has lots of room for improvement.

We’re not reading the signals in our dog’s emotions — and we’re sending them mixed messages in return. As a result, our pup is acting out their communication frustrations through their bodies by pulling, jumping, growling, lunging, biting, and whatever else!

YES -- It’s That SIMPLE!

Image by Celine Sayuri Tagami
The Good News Is We Can FIX This!

When you understand that you and your pet are communicating with each other all the time — and you learn exactly what signals they’re sending you and which ones you ought to be sending back — you can begin to communicate with your dog in a way that keeps them calm, relaxed, and obedient ALL THE TIME.

Being this in-tune and in-sync with your pooch means you’ll not only develop the awesome relationship you’ve always wanted to have with them, but you’ll be able to guide their behavior in amazing ways — ways that will have your friends, family, and neighbors wondering how you’ve suddenly become a dog whisperer.

Like being able to take a
piece of bacon out of the fridge

 put it on the floor, and use simple body language that tells your pet to lie down and watch you, totally relaxed and obedient.  

Like being able to use special postures and angles

that makes them chill out when you encounter other dogs, people (or anything that ignites fear, anxiety or excitement.

Like how to use your eye contact to communicate
NO or Stop

so you can have impeccable off-leash control and do things like open your front door (and your dog doesn't dream of running outside).

I know it might seem impossible to imagine your dog responding so obediently like this — but it 100% can happen.


And I know it’s possible because I’ve done it myself, as well as coached thousands of dog owners

just like you on how to do the same...and a whole lot more.  Like walking with no leash, etc.

How Losing Control of a Pack of 36 Dogs
Transformed Everything I Know About Dog Training

I’ve loved and studied dogs for my entire life, and it was this passion that led me to open my own dog daycare business more than ten years ago.

In my second year in business, torrential rains brought in tons of new daycare dogs, and the manageable pack of 15 I had had up until that point suddenly swelled to 36 maniacal furry beasts who were literally bouncing off the walls.

The REAL problem is that our communication with our pooch has lots of room for improvement.

None of the traditional training modalities I had been studying were successful in calming or controlling a pack that size. Instead, they inflamed the energy of the room, making the pack even more hyper and unpredictable.

Sitting in my office, taking a moment of reprieve from the noisy pack, I heard a bang, a squeal, then silence. The sound sequence frightened me sober and unexpectedly brought me into a state of pure presence. When I entered the main playroom to investigate what happened, I saw everything with a Beginner’s Eye.

Suddenly, the voice in my head quieted, sounds became clear, and I could feel the dogs’ emotions as if they were my own. I observed that they were all communicating with each other. Henry, the old golden retriever, yawned, not because he was tired, but because he was making a signal to relax the puppies’ energy. Marge, the Shih Tzu, always looked away from others when she peed, not because she was shy, but because this angle tells the other dogs to give her some space and peace.

Image by Taylor Kopel
Dog Lover

I realized that dogs are always doing quirky little gestures on purpose to create sophisticated emotional reactions in one another.

The realm of feelings is where true animal communication takes place. By using specific angles, postures, timing, and sounds, dogs (and other animals) have their own vocabulary that humans have never tapped into.

Communicating with pets using this “Secret Language” meant that the dogs suddenly understood exactly what I wanted them to do. Rather than spending all my time training them, I could simply talk to them in their own emotional language and know they would behave. In a single day, the Secret Language of dogs generated results for me that were hundreds of times better than the conventional methods I’d been studying.

Soon, I was connecting to my pack, effortlessly transforming over thirty “bad” dogs at a time into zenned-out, obedient pets. My clients started asking me to help them with private training, and the effects they experienced were stunning.

At the time, I didn’t think I was teaching my clients anything radical.

They were simply attuning themselves to their feelings and to those of their dog — and with a little effort and guidance, they saw that most of their dog’s bad behaviors originated when their pet felt too excited or scared.

As my clients mastered the Secret Language, they found their dogs started to treat them differently, respecting their owner’s presence and listening to their authority.

My clients were able to connect emotionally to their dogs and do all kinds of remarkable things with their pets as well. They could open the front door, and not only would their dog not attempt to escape, but it would also calmly fan away from the door and lie down. They learned how to walk their dogs with a loose leash, and some of them with even no leash. When they called their dog, it listened.


My clients began trusting their dogs more, and they also became calmer, wiser, and more compassionate in the process.


My mission is

to help YOU have this same powerful relationship with your dog and create the emotional connection that will transform BOTH of your lives.

Are you ready to learn how?

Enlightened Dog Training is a 5-week online course that will teach you the Secret Language of dogs — so that you will know what your dog is feeling, what they’re communicating to you, and how your own feelings are affecting your pup. The result? A strong emotional connection with your dog that stops their “bad” behavior and brings out their true relaxed and obedient nature!

"Enlightened Dog Training Course"

Here's what you'll learn and explore in each module of Enlightened Dog Training Video Course

Module 1: The Dog Language Dictionary

We’ll kick off the course by jumping straight into the Secret Language, starting with the three emotions dogs use to communicate with us — love, fear, and tranquility. 

You’ll understand how your pet’s feelings are driving their behaviors, what dog signals are and how to read them, as well as the invisible secrets that dogs communicate through their ears, hackles, and mouth. We’ll end the module by discussing the importance of self-awareness about our own feelings and emotions, and how regulating them can positively impact our pooch’s behavior — and makes co-existing with our dog a whole lot easier!

To do this, we’ll use the following tools and exercises: 

  • Dog Decoder Matrix to outline your dog’s most common behavior and what its communicating to you when it does it.

  • Dog Owner Meditation to help you become familiar with observing your dog’s behavior.
    “Developing Attunement To Your Dog’s Communication”

  • Reflection Exercise to help you start noticing your dog’s behavior with a “beginner’s eye” and see what emotions you were (or weren’t) bringing to each situation.


Module 2: Becoming the master of your dog

we’ll explore how to take what you learned in Module One and neutralize your dog’s feelings with calm, loving actions. 

Through the use of angles and eye contact, you’ll learn how to command your dog with love and respect and help them maintain the calm and obedient state they desire. We’ll also explore common do’s and don’ts that will help you grow and fall into a deep connection with your pooch.

To do this, we’ll use the following tools and exercises: 

  • Angle and Eye Contact Diagram that outlines what angles and types of eye contact you should use with your dog.

  • Angle of Protection Practice to help you keep your dog calm and relaxed when you’re walking by other dogs.

  • Dog Owner Meditation to illuminate situations where you tend to send your dog mixed messages. 

Module 3: Mastering the Sequence of Surrender

we’ll learn how to leverage the most powerful tool that transforms all dogs into zen masters.  Hint:  Your dog already does this (and you have no idea)!

To do this, we’ll use the following tools and exercises: 

  • Steps to Surrender Guide to help you get your dog to surrender, step-by-step.

  • Dog Owner Meditation  to illuminate situations where you tend to send your dog mixed messages.

  • Situational Surrender Practice to help your dog practice surrendering in key places like a park, schoolyard, parking lot, and your home.


Module 4: How to Say no like a Boss

you’ll learn how to confidently and lovingly let your dog know YOU are the one in control.

You’ll understand how dogs view their “resources” — toys, people, food, and anything else they value — and how to take it and give it in a way that shows you’re in charge. By the end of Module Four, you’ll be the alpha in your dog-owner relationship, not a dog pleaser. This transformation will change everything!

To do this, we’ll use the following tools and exercises: 

  • What Does My Dog Think It Owns Checklist to show you what your dog values and is territorial about.

  • Dog Owner Meditation  to illuminate situations where you tend to send your dog mixed messages.

  • Asset Guarding Posture/Forbidden Angle Exercise to become a peaceful alpha, claiming resources as your own.

Module 5: Your Dog Need for Territory

 is all about territory, how your dog views it, their need to protect it, and how easily it can be for them to get stressed out because of it.

You’ll learn what your dog needs to feel safe in their territory and how you can communicate with them so they can relax. We’ll also discuss the importance of giving your dog a territory within your territory so you can both establish boundaries and give them a safe space to go, as well as how to calmly and confidently regulate your dog’s emotions and relation to its territory when people come and go from your house.

To do this, we’ll use the following tools and exercises: 

You’ll learn what your dog needs from you to feel safe and validated in your home.

  • Secret Tips to Opening the Door That Will Keep Your Dog Relaxed Guide that outlines how to open the door so your dog stays chill.

  • Mastering Territory how to become the boss of the security detail.

  • Dog Owner Meditation to illuminate situations where you tend to send your dog mixed messages.


Are You Ready To Develop A Strong Emotional Connection
With Your Dog That Stops Their “Bad” Behavior And Brings Out Their Peaceful And Obedient Nature?

Let's Recap What You Will Get:

  • Enlightened dog training courses - 5 recorded video modules (worth $197).

  • 6 tool kits to help you explore and internalize what you’re learning more deeply (worth $73).

  • ​A whole bunch of my Favorite Exercises to inspire you and keep you motivated while you implement what you learn with your dog (worth $65).

  • 5 guided meditations to cultivate a quiet mind, benevolent heart, and tremendous Peaceful Alpha power (Priceless!).

Total Value $335 

Normal Price $137

Today Only $49 

You instantly save 72%! 

All you need to do is to watch all the 5 videos. The best part is you can re-watch it all over again and understand each step, move or body language that is needed to train your dog to behave the way you want it to be.

The Peaceful Alpha Guarantee

You can dive into the course for the first 30 days and experience the power of understanding your dog’s Secret Language. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund within 30 days.


What Happy Dog Owners Are Saying…

We never trained our two teacup poodles. They actually didn’t even know their own names, had no manners, and ruled our house. I’m embarrassed to tell you what happened when we're out on the street and we see other dogs. My daughter told me about The Enlightened Dog Training videos and toolkits. Total game changers. I highly recommend this course for any dog owner. Next level communication. My dogs are much calmer and better behaved.  

Cele Pasternack

Image by fatty corgi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I have access to the material?
    You'll have immediate access to Module One, as soon as you join the program. The remaining modules will be released each week. You will have forever access to the course materials.
  • How much time should we set aside per week?
    Every individual will go at their own pace, but you should expect to set aside 2-3 hours per week to complete each module.
  • How long is the program?
    The program is 5 modules.
  • How do I ask questions or get feedback during the program?
    Submit your questions via email to

Why suffer through one more stressful, annoying walk with your dog when you can learn how to stop “bad” behavior once and for all?

It’s time to let go of traditional training methods for your pet.
(If they worked, they’d be working for you right now!)

What your dog REALLY needs is to have an owner who understands the signals it’s sending out ALL THE TIME. When you learn these signals and understand what they mean, you’ll quickly realize that your pooch hasn’t needed to be fixed of its problem behavior — it’s simply needed YOUR HELP to reclaim and maintain its relaxed, obedient nature!

The key to a loving and soul-satisfying relationship with your dog doesn’t start with your pet — it starts with YOU.

By learning how to communicate with your dog in a way that commands their love and respect, you’ll grow an emotional connection between you that will transform and enrich you both.

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